My Story


David (1 year old, The Hague), recently discovered picture, colourized

With my unique (family) background, being unofficially adopted as a baby, with 2 mothers fighting over my favour, my tormented Jewish relatives contrasting with the colourful artistic hippie-ish family I grew up in, my unquenchable curiosity, creative longing and love of writing, I have enough material to fill a full library.

There is the dance with death I had at the 7/7 2005 terrorist attack in London which I miraculously survived. There are various life-altering trips I made. The dream world I immersed myself in since being a kid and the bouts with anxiety as an adult. Growing up fatherless, now being a father of a happy 2,5 year old boy myself, with whom I am now spending full-time in our second lockdown together.

The Mind & The Soul

All this led me to question the meaning of life; what does it mean to be human?

My interest developed from science (philosophy, psychology, maths, physics, astronomy, anthropology, neuroscience), via the arts (paintings, graphic novels, literature, music, films) and the domain of the soul (religion, spirituality, mindfulness).

Since I’m about 17 (around the time my adopted father died and meeting my biological father for the first time) I am keeping track of all this. In reading about the matters of the mind and the soul through literature; notes and paper clippings kept, diary entries, illustrations, photographs, short stories, blog entries and self-published books.

Dream out loud!