What is going on…?

The run-up to the diagnosis


At first I thought my “problems” were because of my adoption.

It wasn’t.


Maybe it was the “Jewish trauma” that haunted my ancestors..?

Do not think so.


Then I thought about my uncertain youth, with divorce, moving and death.

It wasn’t that (thanks for all the therapy…)


Next it was obvious to see a trauma after my experience of 7/7 in London.

But that wasn’t it either…


Maybe the concussions, 3 of them, had something to do with it…?

Possible, but probably not…


What kind of problems are these actually…?

That became clear after the diagnosis: Parkinson’s.


Lack of motivation, difficulty sleeping, mood problems, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, slowness of movement, lack of sense of smell…

The diagnosis has put these problems in a different light, and they can now be treated as Parkinson’s-related problems, with medication, exercise/sport and “mindfulness” – or whatever passes for that.


The problems continue, but the way I deal with them is different.



Underwater sculpture “The Anchors” by British artist Jason deCairesTaylor.
This artwork resembles the experience of Parkinson’s the way I experience it.

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