Phantom ParentsDavid Enker

Phantom Parents

I created a 200-page book with a compilation of my work up until about 2020. The proof copy I just received from looks great! Now it is time to reach out. Let’s try that crowdfunding thing!       CROWDFUNDING…

Great dance scenes in films

Some memorable unexpected dance moments in film. 5. Forced dance in Beetlejuice (1988) As if dancing isn't already like being possessed. 4. Napoleon Dynamite charity dance (2004) A very funny film with a hilarious way of helping…

Green Blood

Aliens and space ships, love and humour, tragedy and the after world.... Great song, on loop all week >>   Green Blood by Sonny and the Sunsets   "Well, something happened..." "What's that, Sonny?" "I fell…

The Spirit of Bach

This is music. Glenn Gould Nina Simone 

Helado Negro

The son of Ecuadorean immigrants, Roberto Carlos Lange, better known by his stage name Helado Negro was born in South Florida in 1980. His childhood was suffused with tropical heat, humidity, hurricanes, all refracted with the rich sounds…

David Bowie, Hero

Just as his latest and enigmatic brilliant video 'Lazarus' came out on his 69th birthday it turned out to be quite something else. Like as with many people David Bowie meant a lot to me. These are my personal highlights: A New Career…

Chet Baker

There is something about the early 50s.   My Funny Valentine

Slavic Soul

One time on a visit to my father he got out this old record player from the attic and put on a 78 rpm (I believe he got from his father); a Sovjet-labelled record from the Fyodorov Sisters and it was as like a call from another world. There…


Stromae makes me very happy. This is why:   Stromae on YouTube


This Seattle-based indie band is no more. Fortunately their dreamy music lives on. Here are some of my favorites:          


The true innovators. The favorite and the rare.                               &nbs…

Casual palindromic robot dance

Needless to say Mr. Scott rocks.
share. vari.

The Birth of Detroit Techno

Dancing to the first ever Detroit techno record, released in 1981, Sharevari by ANUMBEROFNAMES, at this show from the 80s called The Scene. The track is recently covered by the Detroit garage rock band The Dirtbombs, plugged by The Beastie…

Oi Va Voi – Live

Last weekend I went back to the UK and visited the Rhythms of the World Festival in Hitchin. One of the performing acts was Oi Va Voi from London. They are a great band I've been following for a while and had the luck to see them live from up…

The Sound of Jerusalem

All created by local musicians, filmed by Kutiman.