Phantom ParentsDavid Enker

Phantom Parents

I created a 200-page book with a compilation of my work up until about 2020. The proof copy I just received from looks great! Now it is time to reach out. Let’s try that crowdfunding thing!       CROWDFUNDING…
St Bavo silver linings sunriseDavid Enker



Abstract Expressionism

The difficulty with abstract expressionism like that of Barnett Newman is that it doesn't represent something (immediately) recognizable. That doesn't necessary mean there is nothing to relate to though.   First of all, it's pointless…

Underwater sculptures

Surreal, beautiful, dreamy, amazing... Jason deCaires Taylor's underwater sculptures:                  

Grafitti in Lesbos

On a holiday in Lesbos/Lesvos/Λέσβος (Greece) I stumbled upon these....            

3D art printing

Exhibition by various artists in De Vishal (Haarlem).   More info here: Ctrl-Z.   Work from (and curated by-) Eric van Straaten             &nb…

Ron Mueck

Australian/British 'sculptor'.                


Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan, or Mondrian (in this more English/French friendly spelling an anagram of 'I paint modern') is by far one of my all time favourite artists. Here are some of his key works that are perhaps lesser known. Most of these…

Marinus Fuit

Came across this Haarlem artist in the local Haarlems Dagblad. What struck me was some similar themes as my uncle Joop Polder from The Hague, namely; cityscapes avoid of people, dunes, and especially trams.       Fuit's…