Off the sleighDavid Enker

Back to nursery…on a sleigh

Haarlem, Thursday 11 February 2021 Even though the lockdown is still ongoing (a lot of shops, hairdressers, etc. remain closed) as of this week, the day-care centres and lower schools have opened this Monday the 8th of February. This also…
Daddy Yaron BikingDavid Enker

The first 2 days of lockdown

Haarlem, 15 December 2020 What did I learn? The nurseries and schools are closed. So where does everyone go? To the public playgrounds...all together, at the same time. Pfff... what a mess. I spoke with a dad because Yaron wanted to play…
David Enker

The Christmas Lockdown

Haarlem, 15 December 2020   Today is the last day of my son’s day care. Full lockdown #2 starts tomorrow. Yaron is 2,5 years old, so he is too young to be left alone. As my wife is the one with the important job I will be the one…