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Phantom ParentsDavid Enker

Phantom Parents

I created a 200-page book with a compilation of my work up until about 2020. The proof copy I just received from ezbook.nl looks great! Now it is time to reach out. Let’s try that crowdfunding thing!       CROWDFUNDING…
David Enker


Today was Memorial Day, during which the victims of the Second World War in Holland are being commemorated, just like every year on the 4th of May. I realised I had actually never done anything about it, not with other people anyway,…
David Enker

Looking for Izzy

Izzy was missing the other day. We had started to let her out only a couple of weeks ago. Enough to get used to the gardens and not to get lost, but she isn't too bright. And she’s fat, too. So I went looking beyond our balcony,…

Stripdagen Haarlem 2012

      The 2-yearly Stripdagen Haarlem; always fun.

3D art printing

Exhibition by various artists in De Vishal (Haarlem).   More info here: Ctrl-Z.   Work from (and curated by-) Eric van Straaten             &nb…
David Enker


The Flower City has recently been adopted as my new home town.                 More pictures here.
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Joost Swarte

Comics artist, illustrator, graphic designer, architect, Haarlemmer. He has done several covers of the New Yorker ...and of the famous RAW magazine Film & theatre building he designed www.joostswarte.com |…