North America by Greyhound Bus ’93 – Part 3

Shortly after breaking off my physics study I went on a journey through North America in August and September 1993, during which I kept a diary. After a visit in Baltimore I travelled across the US with bits of Canada and Mexico by Greyhound bus. It was a life-changing experience. Names and details have been changed to fit the medium.

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*Warning: Naïve young man’s voice and bad fashion


Part 3: Southbound

San Antonio, Texas, Friday, 27 August 1993, 11:30 local time (when writing this)


The first leg of my journey:
D.C. > Atlanta > New Orleans

On my way to Atlanta I talked to a guy who was from there. Atlanta just a transfer. Not a place to stay. From there to New Orleans I met a guy, Jason, who was from New Hampshire who now lives and studies in “N’Awliens”. I figured I could trust him when he invited me over to his house.
Arrived late at his place in what appears to be a suburb of the city, with cosy looking wooden houses. It was extremely hot, still at night, and a bit of relief came from a beautiful huge old wooden fan in the middle of the living room. There were lots of people there that I figured were all students. Except for that one girl perhaps who said she was smoking heroin in her cigarette. She asked where I was going and if I didn’t want to travel with her instead. I politely declined.

bad fashion in N'awleans

bad fashion in N’awleans

The next morning a car dropped me off at the French Quarter in the centre of town and getting out of the car felt like stepping into an oven filled with steam. I met a couple, like 30 years old or some-thing, kind of straight looking, a man and a woman who say they are from Seattle. They seemed to experience New Orleans almost the same way I did, as the place seemed so different to them, the climate, the smell, the food, the language (even though it’s just another accent indistinguishable to me). We hang out a bit, including having Cajun burgers in some sort of Jazz bar with those typical French balconies.


Second leg:
New Orleans > Houston > San Antonio.

In the bus from Houston (yet another typical American skyline, not a walking around kind of place) to San Antonio I met a girl called Nikole who said she lived in San Francisco but now lives in San Antonio. She gave me her phone number.

Fellow European travellers

Fellow European travellers

In San Antonio I stayed in a youth hostel where I met two Turkish-Viennese (guy & girl) people, an Eastern German girl and a Swiss girl, with whom I went into town last evening. In the centre, there was a canal with touristy venues along the water, which reminded me a bit of Utrecht. Think I’ll stay another night in this place. At the moment, I’m with that Swiss girl (to whom I just told the time: 12:15) and the East-German.

And now I’m going for a swim. Texas is hot.

To be continued…

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