Green Blood

Aliens and space ships, love and humour, tragedy and the after world….
Great song, on loop all week >>


Green Blood by Sonny and the Sunsets


“Well, something happened…”
“What’s that, Sonny?”
“I fell in love”
“Oh yeah?”
“But it was weird… Really weird”
“Good weird, or bad weird?”
“I don’t know, I guess I really… just don’t know”

It was a brief encounter
On an unknown planet
A strange being, standing all alone
“Wanna fix my ship? Would you like to hit The Void?”
“Oh is this your ship, this little space toy?”
“Oh a spaceling with humor, my favorite kind!”
But when I look closer, she’s sad inside

Oh my android, she sheds real tears, she’s weird
I think I love you, dear

“Well I don’t have to tell you just how great she was”
“No… you don’t”
“She was amazing! So intelligent, so beautiful–”
“Fun, all those things. But she was married, to some cyborg type”
(Cyborg says some weird stuff.)

I tried to steal her away
And we were on the run
her cyborg husband followed with his gun
he shot her, he shot her, she bled green blood
I cried “Oh, can’t I have a normal love?”

“What happened?”
“She lived… And I really tried, you know…
We tried to make a life.
But we were so different,
such different types.
We had to break it off,
but I’m still messed up.”
“Did she go back to her husband?”
“I don’t know what happened to her,
I don’t even know.
But I miss her, you know?
I really miss her…
I really do!”

My antennas, went deep into the afterworld
And I looked for her
And the light was quiet
Star gleams
Comet trails