The Christmas Lockdown

Haarlem, 15 December 2020


Today is the last day of my son’s day care. Full lockdown #2 starts tomorrow. Yaron is 2,5 years old, so he is too young to be left alone. As my wife is the one with the important job I will be the one having to look after him more or less fulltime. He is our son and I love him, but it will be a challenge. Unlike lockdown #1, which was during nice weather spring, it will be darker, colder and wetter.

On the usual daddy days it is always most fun in the morning, and as the day progresses, tiredness kicks in more and more, as are Peppa Pig, Hey Duggy and other TV, YouTube Kids and Netflix programmes, as is my guilt creating a TV-child. I suppose he can talk about it later as “My Covid Time With Daddy And The TV”.

In a week and a half Mommy will be off from work and can join in the fun. It will be our Christmas and New Year together. Then there are about 3 more weeks in January and who knows how much more.

More than looking for a better job I was supposed to focus on the bigger issues in life this period. For me to write about. Inspired by some of the stuff I am reading and listening to and my own life (those of you who know me know what I’m talking about) I am busy using my skills to create a book about personal ramblings (my unusual family mostly) and more, let’s say, “philosophical” stuff. “How to overcome adversity and be the best version of yourself”, something along those lines… God knows if something of my writings ever makes it to publication; this lockdown isn’t helping.

Or is it…? If my focus is to be “the best version of me”, to be a valuable and generally “good” person; an example…. there is at least one person that is depending on me the coming period, so I suppose that is something..!

To be continued……..

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