Phantom Parents

(working title)

A memoir

Faced with a neurological disorder and being the father of a three-year-old son, David Enker reflects on life through short stories, richly visualised with illustrations and photos. From his – unofficial – adoption, growing up in between the favour of four families, curious about his own – partly traumatic Jewish – heritage, to his love for- and reflections on artistic, scientific and philosophical matters. In between these there is the experience of life and death at the 7/7 bombings in London and a life-changing trip to North America.

Phantom Parents


Ca. 200 pages (pocket format);
Both print and digital download;
Collection of short stories, divided into 10 chapters;
Autobiography, memoir, visualised with photos and illustrations, graphic novel.


Amsterdam, The Hague, North America, London, Haarlem


1930s, 1970s/80s, 1993, 2004-2011, 2012-present


Being adopted, growing up in the 70s/80s, a tragic Jewish family line, artistic background, reflections/observations on life, a life-changing trip to N-America, surviving 7/7, curiosity/interests (meaning of life; art / science / religion / philosophy – body / mind / soul), anxiety, fatherhood

In the very modesty and honesty of his drawing and writing Enker brings a real conviction to get across this extraordinary, life-changing, life-renewing event, to us and to himself.