Books I’d like to complete

Time and tranquillity permitting

Phantom Parents

(Working Title)

A memoir

About my unique family situation; my weird ancestry, my (unofficial) adoption and recent fatherhood

Ca. 200 pages

Tonic for the Bones

(Working Title)

Guidebook for living (in writing + infographics)

About my ‘philosophies’ (art, science & spirit) as a way to fight anxiety, depression and other life ailments

Ca. 200 pages

Self-published books

Printed on demand

The search for the Meaning of Life

2015 – Werkman Press

Beauty | Truth | Wisdom

Visual and philosophical reflections on life through the scope of art, science and spirit.

138 pages (A5)

Tonic for the Bones

2016 – Werkman Press

Study for a memoir

Collection of glimpses into existence through some writings and visuals.

178 pages (pocket)

Waking Hours

2013 – Werkman Press

Study for a graphic novel

Sleepless nights prompt life’s evaluation in the shape of a comic book.

92 pages (6×9”)

London 2005 – 2010

2010 – Werkman Press

Photo journal

Armed with cameras at hand this collection of photos forms a visual memoir of London.

100 pages (6×9”)

Visual Inspiration

2014 – Werkman Press

Favourites library

Art from Caravaggio, Crumb and Kraftwerk all come together into this visual compilation.

100 pages (6×9”)

In Transition

2008 – London – Werkman Press

Graphic novel

One summer commute in 2005 turns into a surreal nightmare. Based on my 7/7 experiences.

72 pages (6×9”)