David Enker

The elimination of pain

what about suffering?
David Enker

TftB – The Book (draft)

The road to perfection... is paved with badly written stories and rotten proof prints. However a dice has been cast. Recently I received my 178-pages little (draft) book full of short stories, diary entries & other musings, complete with…

My London Photos

During my stay in London (2005-2011) I worked all over the city, and I made use of the situation to take lots of photos, regardless of what (cheap) camera I would have with me that moment. This is a small selection; click here for a bigger…

Rietveld Academy Fashion Show 2011 promo

  On Saturday the 18th of June the collaboration between Fashion students, Graphic Design and Fine Arts students will have it's climax in a crossover experience of art, design and fashion.   All fashion students will present…