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Phantom Parents Poster

Below are 10 examples of mini-posters I created (ca. 21x34 cm.) in addition to the book. Click to enlarge. Please let me know in the comments or by email which one you prefer.  
Phantom ParentsDavid Enker

Phantom Parents

I created a 200-page book with a compilation of my work up until about 2020. The proof copy I just received from ezbook.nl looks great! Now it is time to reach out. Let’s try that crowdfunding thing!       CROWDFUNDING…

My Super Universe

If I had superpowers they wouldn't be "marvel"
David Enker

It’s personal

The thing with autobiographical comics is....

The Monkey Mind

Mondriaan meets The Monkey Mind

Just Like Mine

The sand nestled itself between my little toes. I had never been to the beach with my mother before. Usually when I visited her we would go to the park or just cycle around the city, with me on the little seat at the front of her bike, my eyes…
David Enker

The Path

An exercise in expression   Introduction What are the modes one can resort to when faced with the challenges of life? Here is a possible scenario with 10 modes: 1. Artistic / Literary mode “Art is whether or not there…
Zzzzzzz......DDavid Enker

Full of joy

Haarlem, 25 June 2020 Dear Yaron, Welcome to the world my lovely son. At 2 years, you seem to be having a strong will of your own, bordering on stubbornness. Like your mother, you are operating independently just fine. God only knows who…
David Enker

Oma Z

It is somewhere in the mid-90s as I visit my grandmother in The Hague. I am in my mid-twenties. Normally the whole family would be there, usually on her birthday. But this is not her birthday, it is just me and her. Her reputation of a divider…

Until the end of the world

The ground underneath the feet of the quiffed reporter and his talking dog is heating up so much that the asphalt is melting. At the same time, a mysterious star appears in the evening sky, next to the big dipper. The curious reporter decides…

The Man with the Hat

Maybe the man with the hat is my real father. Hiding behind his newspaper four seats away in the train. I spoke with him over the phone a couple of weeks ago, but all I had was this tiny photograph of him. His face was pushed half out of…
David Enker


I enter the hospital room and there he is, sitting up straight in his bed with his bald head hanging low into his hands. Even though I can’t see his face, his thin long fingers reveal his bones. He doesn’t seem to notice me. Outside the…
David Enker
Off the sleighDavid Enker

Back to nursery…on a sleigh

Haarlem, Thursday 11 February 2021 Even though the lockdown is still ongoing (a lot of shops, hairdressers, etc. remain closed) as of this week, the day-care centres and lower schools have opened this Monday the 8th of February. This also…
Daddy Yaron BikingDavid Enker

The first 2 days of lockdown

Haarlem, 15 December 2020 What did I learn? The nurseries and schools are closed. So where does everyone go? To the public playgrounds...all together, at the same time. Pfff... what a mess. I spoke with a dad because Yaron wanted to play…
David Enker

The Christmas Lockdown

Haarlem, 15 December 2020   Today is the last day of my son’s day care. Full lockdown #2 starts tomorrow. Yaron is 2,5 years old, so he is too young to be left alone. As my wife is the one with the important job I will be the one…
Greyhound trip through North America 1993David Enker
Greyhound trip through North America 1993David Enker
Greyhound trip through North America 1993David Enker
Greyhound trip through North America 1993David Enker

North America by Greyhound Bus ’93 – Part 4

A daytrip to Mexico and loneliness in San Francisco
Greyhound trip through North America 1993David Enker
Greyhound trip through North America 1993David Enker

North America by Greyhound Bus ’93 – Part 6

Passing pleasant Toronto, and flushing a dump in the Big Apple.
Greyhound trip through North America 1993David Enker

Pushing Doors

  7/7 - 10 years on and the creation of a story   Haarlem, 7 July 2015 It is 10 years ago since that fatal Thursday morning of the 7th of July of 2005 in London when one of four Islamic suicide bombers blew himself up in the Piccadilly…