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Welcome to my site

My name is David, I am a Dutchman having lived and worked in Amsterdam and London before settling in Haarlem, in between the Dutch capital and the dunes near the North Sea coast, with my wife and son.

I have worked mostly as a (web) designer and illustrator for various companies in London and Amsterdam, since the early days of the internet.

In addition to that I have busied myself with various artworks; painting, photography, graphic novels, writing, and some of these I have edited and bundled together in books.

Reality is stranger than fiction, so all I do is add some surreal spice to my stories. My love for art, science, music and the world of the soul plays a central consoling role in my life and on this site.

I have placed some of my work here, both professional as personal stuff, and occasionally I blog about whatever comes on my path. Hope you enjoy it, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.