(the search for) the Meaning of Life


Visual and philosophical reflections on life through the scope of art, science and spirit.

138 pages (A5)

Tonic for the Bones

Short stories

Collection of glimpses into existence through some writings and visuals.

178 pages (pocket)

Waking Hours

(study for a) graphic novel

Sleepless nights prompt life’s evaluation in the shape of a comic book.

92 pages (6×9”)

London 2005 – 2010

Photo journal

Armed with cameras at hand this collection of photos forms a visual memoir of London.

100 pages (6×9”)

Visual Inspiration

Favourites library

Art from Caravaggio, Crumb and Kraftwerk all come together into this visual compilation.

100 pages (6×9”)

In Transition

Graphic novel

One summer commute in 2005 turns into a surreal nightmare. Based on my 7/7 experiences.

72 pages (6×9”)